Philanthropic Efforts

Two kids playing basketball outside.

Elliot Tebele and his wife Jessica Anteby believe in the world-changing power of philanthropy and are interested in broadening their philanthropic impact. In addition to focusing on sustainability, local artists and art programs, children’s hospitals, the overall Jewish community and the less fortunate, they also seek to support organizations that benefit those in their local community. “Philanthropy fuels invention and can provide opportunities for growth where there wouldn’t have been otherwise. It’s something that is very important to my wife and I. We want to help create a better world for our girls and for our community,” says Elliot.

Supporting Fellow Jewish Communities

Jewish Communal Fund

The Jewish Communal Fund is a portal that offers companies and individuals “Jewish donor advised funds” that assist fundholders in streamlining their contributions. Elliot and Jessica donate regularly to an assortment of organizations through this communal fund, including but not limited to several medical centers, food funds, children’s foundations, other Jewish supporting campaigns and more!

Slides and playground equipment.

Support For The Environment

Sustainable Spirits

As a co-founder of JAJA Tequila, Elliot aims to ensure that JAJA is always sustainably and ethically produced. As a result of this, JAJA practices strict environmental stewardship in all aspects of production, including the use of recycled glass containers and the sourcing of ethically produced ingredients. JAJA also supports organizations that work to protect the agave plant’s ecological system and ensure safe working conditions for agave farmers.

Supporting Bat-Friendly Farms

Elliot and his company JAJA Tequila support bat-friendly farming through programs like the Tequila Interchange Project. In certain areas like northeast Mexico, the nectar of the agave plant is the only source of food available to its local bat population. Bat-friendly farming requires farmers to use techniques that protect and nurture bats, as well as maintain and improve their habitats.

Support For Local Communities

Supporting Soles4Souls

Tebele has joined the Ten2Give campaign at Soles4Souls and has donated $10K to support the distribution of 100 pairs of new shoes in New York City. Soles4Souls programs are focused on making a measurable impact on the world by providing relief, fighting poverty, protecting the environment and empowering people. Elliot is also working with his company What Do You Meme? to provide games to children in the area during the drive.

A young man tying laces of new sneakers.
A stack of games made and donated by What Do You Meme?

Partnering with America-Greater New York and Good360

In partnership with America-Greater New York (VOA-GNY) and Good360, Elliot Tebele and his team at What Do You Meme? donated over $500,000 worth of toys and games during the 2021-2022 holiday season. Donations were distributed to a variety of charities that support underprivileged children across the country. “Despite tough supply chain challenges in the wake of the pandemic, our company has been able to donate more than half a million dollars worth of games to families in need in hopes to bring joy and laughter this holiday season,” shares Ben Kaplan, Partner of What Do You Meme? “As a company we plan to double that donation next year as part of a larger corporate social responsibility program and charitable giving strategy for 2022 and beyond.” More information to come.

Supporting Our Military

Elliot Tebele and his team at What Do You Meme? sent over 500 games to our U.S. Military to help provide some fun and comedic relief to those serving our country. Plans are in order to continue supporting our troops. More information on this to come.

An American flag flying on a flag pole.