JAJA Tequila

Elliot Tebele with co-founders of JAJA Tequila.

Elliot and JAJA Tequila

As in all his entrepreneurial endeavors, Elliot’s role at JAJA Tequila is multifaceted. Most often, Elliot is focused on marketing, strategy and product development. Elliot finds inspiration for JAJA and his other businesses all around him. He often attends inventor groups and pitches ideas to friends and partners for insight and feedback. Elliot takes great pride in having created such a meaningful product among friends and family.

Elliot Tebele, co-founder of JAJA Tequila.
Elliot Tebele and co-founders at JAJA Tequila event.

Where JAJA All Began

Before they were business partners, Elliot Tebele, Maurice Tebele and Martin Hoffstein made an impromptu summer trip in search of the world’s finest tequila. After wandering through the beautiful hills and vast mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, they happened across a distillery that valued conventional methods and environmentally friendly production. During this journey, they learned about the importance of high quality agave and high standards of production.  

How JAJA Tequila Is Produced

JAJA agave is aged between 7-8 years, then cut and baked in brick ovens for roughly 32 hours. Then to achieve the distinctive JAJA flavor, each batch is then “rested” for 8 hours and fermented for an additional 72 hours. Batch after batch, JAJA Tequila is distilled in copper-lined pot stills with volcanic water to produce a smooth taste. Each flavor of tequila that JAJA produces then goes through unique processing creating disguised, elevated finishes.

A field of agave plants with mountains in the background.

Elliot Tebele’s Favorite Cocktail Recipes

Ever wonder how JAJA Tequila co-owner Elliot Tebele unwinds? Check out these refreshing cocktails from Elliot’s personal collection of recipes. 

A bottle of blanco JAJA Tequila next to a pomarita cocktail in a tumbler.



  •  1.5 oz. JAJA Blanco
  •  ¾ oz. pink peppercorn grenadine
  •  ¾ oz. lime juice
  • Thin slice of habanero
  •  Dash of bitters
  •  Soda water (for topping)
A bottle of reposado JAJA Tequila next to a blood orange puree cocktail in a tumbler.

Blood Orange Spritzer


  •  1.5 oz. JAJA Reposado
  •  ½ oz. fresh lime juice
  •  2 oz. Blood Orange Puree
  •  Soda water (for topping)