Fuckjerry celebrates his win || Shorty Awards 2018

At the 10th Annual Shorty Awards, Miel Bredouw interviews Best Meme/Parody Account winner Elliot Tebele in the winner’s cave. Elliot shares how it feels to win his first Shorty Award.

This Entrepreneur Turned His Tumblr into a Social Media Empire

Elliot Tebele and his team at FJerry have turned their wildly popular Instagram account into a thriving business with over 40 millions followers to date. Learn more about his strategy for posting content, and where he draws his inspiration from.

National Tequila Day With JAJA

Celebrate National Tequila Day and learn more about Elliot Tebele’s tequila company, JAJA Tequila! Vice President of Sales Brent Lamberti discusses how the brand came about, available tequila flavors, and how to make your own paloma!


Elliot Tebele and Team Celebrate What Do You Meme?

JAJA Tequila Official Launch Party

Elliot Tebele celebrates at the official launch party at the Melrose Roof-top Theatre, alongside  other JAJA co-founders The Chainsmokers (2022)

JAJA Tequila Founders

Company founders Maurice Tebele, Elliot Tebele, Martin Hoffstein (left to right) sit down to enjoy a refreshing cocktail at JAJA Tequila’s official launch party in 2022.