Elliot Tebele

With three major businesses under his belt before the age of 30, Elliot Tebele is an entrepreneur and digital media expert.

Elliot Tebele, founder of FJerryLLC, wearing a white t-shirt and black baseball hat.
Brick buildings and skyline in Brooklyn, New York.

Early Life and Education

Elliot Tebele was born in Gravesend, New York, on February 22, 1991. He was raised in a Syrian Orthodox Jewish household alongside his four siblings (Sophie, Rose, Michael and Maurice). At heart, Elliot has always been an entrepreneur or a “hustler,” as he calls it. Even in high school, Elliot was strategic, flipping sneakers for profit while he was a student at York Prep. After graduating he enrolled at Hunter College in New York City. He stayed there for two years before withdrawing to work at his brother’s wholesale electronics company, located in Little Ferry, New Jersey. Although Elliot wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted to do for a living at the time, he knew he wanted more. Shortly thereafter, he began to explore the business world through his own entrepreneurial endeavors.


Smartphone showing the Fuckjerry Instagram profile.
A stack of games made by What Do You Meme?

In 2018, Elliot joined together with his brother, Maurice Tebele, and childhood friend Martin Hoffstein to establish a new tequila company, JAJA Tequila. Inspiring laughter, friendship and the celebration of tequila are at the forefront of the company’s focus. Elliot’s day-to-day at JAJA is centered on marketing, strategy and product development. From the beginning, it was important to him that the production of JAJA Tequila was sustainable and because of that JAJA practices strict environmental stewardship. From sourcing ingredients to sustainable glass containers, everything is done with sustainability in mind. 

A bottle of blanco JAJA Tequila next to a cocktail in a tumbler.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

After meeting through mutual friends, Elliot married the prominent Instagram influencer and personal stylist, Jessica Anteby, in August of 2015. They now have two beautiful daughters together, Colette and Rae. 

Elliot has a keen interest in art, fashion, media, design and sneakers. He even has a massive sneaker collection that he displays at their West Village apartment. Although Elliot’s mentioned that his favorites change monthly, he’s also shared that he’s partial to the original Jordan 1’s from 1985 (from a collector’s stand-point). 

Giving back to the communities that he lives and works in is a high priority of Elliot’s and this is evident through the philanthropic efforts of his business ventures. For example, JAJA Tequila makes contributions to groups dedicated to preserving the agave plant’s eco-chain, providing healthy working conditions for tequila producers, and supporting bat-friendly farms. In addition, What Do You Meme? donated over $500,000 worth of games to the underprivileged, military and local hospitals in 2021 alone. They aim to reach $1 million in donations this year. Apart from the businesses, Elliot and Jessica currently donate to their local Jewish Communal Fund through a joint fund and are looking to expand their philanthropic reach. At this time, they are looking for initiatives that will support their local communities, distribute footwear to those in need, promote sustainability and support local artists, art programs, children’s hospitals and the Jewish community as a whole.

Elliot Tebele, founder of FJerryLLC, sitting against a brick wall with artwork hanging on it.
Legs and feet of Elliot Tebele wearing vintage Nike Air Jordan sneakers.