Digital media specialist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Elliot Tebele is making his mark on the world and has already co-founded three multi-million dollar companies during his short career. Check out the latest about Elliot, his family, his business ventures and more.

The First Family of Memes

The New Yorker | September 24, 2018

The New Yorker sits down at home with the married couple behind the funniest accounts on Instagram. Tebele and wife Jessica Anteby talk business, art, family, finding a work-life balance and more. “It’s stressful,” Elliot shares “It’s not like I have a bucket of content to pick from. Some days, I’ll spend hours looking for the next post…” Read the full article here.

How the Founder of Fuckjerry Built a Media Empire with 40 Million Followers

Coveteur | September 4, 2018

Coveteur writer Hanna Baxer interviews founder of Fuckjerry, Elliot Tebele. Elliot shares an inside look at how he built his multi-million dollar, multi-million follower media empire and what it takes to keep everything running smoothly. “I had no idea that it would evolve into what it is today,” Elliot tells Coveteur. Check out the full article here.

Instagram Meme Mogul Launches a Happy Tequila

Dujour | July 27, 2018

Dujour writer Kasey Caminiti speaks with JAJA Tequila and Instagram Meme mogul Elliot Tebele about his latest business venture. Elliot opens up about some of the more challenging parts of his work and says “ Sometimes social media tends to get a little political, slightly controversial and more frustrating than you’d like…” Read more here.

Fuckjerry's SoHo Office Has an Apartment-Meets-Library Vibe We Love

Architectural Digest | July 10, 2018

Take a walk with Architectural Digest through the Fuckjerry office in SOHO alongside Elliot Tebele and his designer. Elliot and the designer review some of their favorite spaces in the office and the inspiration behind them. Elliot says that “people are always surprised when they hear Fuckjerry has an office. They say, ‘I always thought Fuckjerry was this kid in his basement.’” Read the full article here.

Instagram Meme Master Fuckjerry Launches Tequila Line

Maxim | May 21, 2018 

Chris Wilson of Maxim sits down with Instagram powerhouse Elliot Tebele and discusses Fuckjerry, JAJA Tequila and what inspired this new business venture in the first place. “I wanted to do something that people can enjoy in real life, away from their cell phone,” shares Elliot. Read more here.

How This Entrepreneur Turned a Tumblr Page Into a Multimillion-Dollar Media Business

ABC News | September 17, 2016

ABC News gets the scoop from digital media expert Elliot Tebele on how he turned a simple social media page into a multi-million-dollar media empire at just 25 years old. “I like to post things that people normally wouldn’t say out loud or really think about. And then you read it and it’s super strangely relatable,” Elliot says. Read more here.

This Instagram star with a name we can't repeat has raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter in 7 days

Business Insider | June 22, 2016 

Elliot Tebele talks to Business Insider about Fuckjerry and his new business venture “What Do You Meme?” When he and co-founders Elie Ballas and Ben Kaplan launched their recent Kickstarter campaign, they never dreamed it would raise 10x the capital in just a week. Read more here.

The Man Behind Instagram’s Funniest Feed

New York Post | November 15, 2014

On a picnic table outside of L&B Spumoni Gardens, New York Post’s Kirsten Fleming sits down with the man behind Instagram’s funniest feed to discuss how Fuckjerry came about and what Elliot’s plans are going forward.