Elliot Tebele

As an entrepreneur, digital media specialist and philanthropist, Elliot Tebele is changing the world in more ways than one.

Headshot of Elliot Tebele, founder of FJerryLLC.
Elliot Tebele, founder of FJerryLLC, eating ice cream with his daughter.

About Elliot

Elliot was raised in Gravesend, Brooklyn. He attended Manhattan’s York Preparatory School and then enrolled at Hunter College in New York City. In the early 2010s, Elliot began posting to social media under the account handle “Fuckjerry”, which quickly gained millions of followers. Today, this Instagram account has more than 16 million followers. This success led Elliot to establish his first enterprise, FJerryLLC. 

To date, the FJerryLLC network totals nearly 40 million followers and includes well-known users such as @BeigeCardigan, @DudeWithSign and @JerryNews. Because of the enterprise’s advertising and brand impact, it received the 2019 Shorty Industry Award for Best Use of Native Advertising and was selected as New York Post’s “Instagram’s Funniest Feed” in 2014. 

All of this success afforded Elliot the opportunity to be featured in media publications like  Business Insider, ABC, Coveteur, New York Post, Maxim and more. Under the Fuckjerry enterprise, Elliot has also worked with major corporations such as Amazon, Anheuser Busch, BMW, Disney, Facebook and Instagram, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Procter & Gamble, Sprint and more.

In addition to creating FJerryLLC, Elliot co-founded the massively popular brands What Do You Meme? and JAJA Spirits LLC (more commonly known as JAJA Tequila). Both companies launched with the intention of bringing friends together and inspiring laughter. 

When Elliot isn’t working, he can be found spending time with his family, playing sports, curating his sneaker and art collections and searching for new ways to support his local community.

What Do You Meme? game created by Elliot Tebele.

What Do You Meme?

JAJA Tequila

Three bottles of JAJA Tequila.
A hand holding a smartphone showing the Fuckjerry Instagram account.



Elliot and his wife, Jessica Anteby, currently donate to their local Jewish Communal Fund and are looking to expand their philanthropic reach. They are interested in opportunities that enhance their local communities, supply footwear to the less fortunate, support sustainability, local artists and art programs, children’s hospitals and the Jewish community.

Elliot Tebele, founder of FJerryLLC, walking with Jessica Anteby.


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October 1, 2018

A conversation at home with the married couple behind two of Instagram’s funniest accounts. Elliot Tebele and wife Jessica talk about where they started, and the difficulties that come along with content curation, and maintaining work-life balance.

July 30, 2018

Digital media expert Elliot Tebele has teamed up with friend Martin Hoffstein and brother Maurice Tebele to launch a new tequila brand, specifically crafted with the millennial generation in mind.

Headshot of Elliot Tebele, founder of FJerryLLC.