Woman holding phone, checking out the instagram account for Elliot Tebele’s Fuckjerry.

The History of Fuckjerry

Elliot Tebele’s Role at Fuckjerry?

Elliot has skyrocketed Fuckjerry to major success within the last decade, creating a network of IG accounts that now has close to 40 million followers combined. Under Elliot and his team’s management, accounts within the Fuckjerry network achieve tremendous success. For example, the popular Instagram accounts @Pizza which currently has over 675 thousand followers, @BeigeCardigan which has grown to nearly 4 million followers since its initial launch and the now-viral Instagram account @DudeWithSign, which has amassed over 8.1 million followers since its initial post in October 2019.

Under Elliot’s leadership, Fuckjerry has won several awards in recognition of the company’s advertising and brand impact. In 2019, Fuckjerry won the Shorty Industry Award for Best Use of Native Advertising and In 2014, the account was chosen as one of New York Post’s “Funniest Feeds” on Instagram. Elliot has also organized many partnerships with other well-known brands through the Fuckjerry enterprise including: Amazon, Anheuser Busch, BMW, Disney, Express, Facebook and Instagram, General Mills, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Procter & Gamble, Sprint, Subway and more.

These days, Elliot focuses more on strategy, partnerships, product promotions and the development of his businesses overall.

Elliot Tebele, founder of Fuckjerry.
Phone showing the Fuckjerry Instagram account.

What’s Next For Elliot and Fuckjerry?

Fuckjerry has started shifting to include more video content within the feed, always following its tried and true meme formula. Beyond that, Elliot and his team are consistently looking for ways to expand the business as a marketing platform as well as looking for ways to create additional companies under the Fuckjerry umbrella.

Business Advice from Elliot Tebele

Two pieces of advice that Elliot offers to aspiring entrepreneurs would be to focus high level on innovation and the longevity of the business, and to hire people that you trust both intellectually and personally. It’s vital that your team understands your brand, and your brand’s mission. These are the people that will focus on the growth of your business and invest in it alongside you. “Finding the right people can transform business for the best, often in unexpected ways” says Elliot.

Elliot Tebele, founder of Fuckjerry, at a waterfall.