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Elliot Tebele Partners with Soles4Souls

Elliot Tebele has joined the Ten2Give campaign hosted by Soles4Souls, with a donation that supports the distribution of over 100 pairs of new shoes in New York City. In addition to this donation, Elliott is working with his gaming enterprise, What Do You Meme? to provide free games and toys for children in the area during the drive.

“It hits close to home. I grew up in New York City, so I’ve seen these issues first hand, I’ve seen how they affect a person. It’s an honor to be able to help as an adult,” shares Elliot. All Soles4Souls programs set out to fight poverty, empower people, and provide relief in order to have a measurable impact on the world. Ten2Give specifically, is a program that inspires volunteers to organize a shoe drive and improve the lives of people locally and globally.

According to Soles4Souls, over 760 million people across the globe live on less than $2.00 a day. For many living in these conditions, finding reliable sources of income isn’t easy, but this organization is working hard to change that. The shoes collected during Ten2Give drives are used to assist individuals all over the world overcome obstacles and launch small businesses that sell new and gently used shoes.

The distribution of these shoes (and other clothing items) is completed at no cost to the recipients and is a highly sustainable method of philanthropy and supporting local communities. “I’m a huge sneakerhead so it’s cool to be able to combine my passion for shoes and sneakers with our passion for giving,” shares Elliot.

In the Tebele family, giving back is a core part of life. Elliot and his wife Jessica believe strongly in both the power and importance of philanthropy.

“Our goal is to contribute as much as we can to the world, and in the process help create better communities for the next generation,” says Elliot. “We want to set an example for our girls. We know that giving back helps create opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise and we want them to see that in action.”

You can help support Soles4Souls and its life-changing mission by visiting their website here.

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—Composed by a Staff Writer with insights from Elliot Tebele